hello, my name is yaya

i look kind of like this:

I am not good at talking to people but want to express myself somehow and this is how . I am a bit slower than some other people in terms of most things, but I am capable of learning and being better. I like to play and joke around, but i am not comfortable doing it around everyone. i would be considered very "shy", i have very bad social skills but warm up to certain people very well.
I make art and other stuff. I have been drawing since I could remember, around 2 years or old or so. I haven't improved as much as I would like, but I want to try and prioritize having fun with my art and making emotions in people. I share my emotions in my pictures, and I hope people can feel it too. I like to make both digital and traditional art.
I like to record shortwave radio and takes notes of lots of things. I like mario, and spongebob. I am weird in a lot of ways and I get asked a lot, "Are you Really [X]?" or, "Do you really act like this?" Yes. I am sorry if it is confusing.
I believe people should be able to express their interests and Be free to go wherever. I am hoping for peace in this world and nothing less . I care a lot about equality and safe homes for people and free land stuff like that.
i was born in 2000, I grew up in a Trailer park at a CDP (Census Designated Place) in Michigan. It Currently only has around 500 people. I lived a very not good childhood and got diagnosed with autism when I was 20. Thankfully life is peaceful now and I live in an apartment.
I like technology a lot and have an interest specifically in lighting, like LED signs for advertisements you'd see on the road, I dont know much about them but I really enjoy them and learning what i can And seeing them in real life. I am not a fan of LED lightbulbs for home lighting, though. I like monitors too, of different types, CRT are my favorite, but I also like analog panels and lcd panels. I like old technology too, like "retro stuff", like crt monitors and vcrs and old radios. I like civil defense sirens. And caution signs, hazard signs. I like logos and mascot characters. Goku is cool.

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