Gum wakes up. She is in a dark, drafty cabin. She is laying on a hard wooden bed, with a quilted blanket on top of her, right next to a window. Something had caused her to wake up. In confusion, she starts to look through the windows.As she peeks through the window, there is a faint glow out towards the trees in her vision, with the sound of humming. She is drawn to the light and opens the front door, traveling into the woods towards the glow. As she goes down the path, the humming gets louder and louder and the soft blue glowing light becomes larger and fills the trees with color.

She reaches the light. She is greeted by a giant alien that looks like a girl. Her skin was pale white, she had wings, and smooth clothing made of unfamiliar materials.She also adorned a halo and a red diamond about her head.

“I am XO.” a voice and a sharp pain echoes through Gum’s head. “I am here to make a pact with you. Please listen before making your judgment.” XO looks down at Gum.

“You have been chosen as a being of light, a vessel of control and worship.” The hum continues between pauses. “The only pleasure for the human race left is the man made structures, the essence of nature and it's belonging has been tainted. You see the glowing in the distance but you are not able to capture it. I am here to capture that light with you, and I want you to understand that you will never be alone again."

"I want you to know the glowing in the distance is real, it's captured in you and it can forever be you, you can be the pure meaning of light and the glow.”

Gum is scared.

Do I trust her do I not do I see into her am I someone really?

Am I something that can become everything and light?

I can be the essence of the being of something?

I trust her.

“ I have no one else. I am hurt. I want to escape this path. “

XO granted her open arms.
Gum was not seen for 7 years.

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